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12 December 2003 at 15:19 Leave a comment

Apparently I have ‘issues’ with color.

When I was young, my favorite color was blue (well, it was my dad’s favorite, and I didn’t have a strong opinion so that worked for me), but I knew my least favorite color was orange. It was just ugly. This probably wasn’t unreasonable; oranges were pretty ugly in the 70s. I also hated pink, but that was because it was so girly, oh, and the fact that every girl I couldn’t stand would squeal over it. But as I went on hating orange I began, well, to feel sorry for it. It pouted at me, made puppy dog eyes at me. I began to feel sad to see it. And as I began to notice orange more and more, smiling at it a bit, perhaps, we developed a detente and then a friendship and by the time I was 17, it was my favorite color.

Ten years pass.

Bb and I are walking to the grocery store (since we moved to Europe we walk a lot) and we were joking around that I knew everything (I can’t remember where that came from, but I think it had to do with me knowing a story from his youth that he didn’t know I knew). Then he piped up, “I know a question you can’t answer.”

In the spirit of the thing, I replied that of course I could.

“What is your favorite color?”

Now, despite the obvious Monty Python reference here, I was stumped. I guess I should have answered “Blue…no green!”, but instead I had to be honest, he was right, I had no idea what my favorite color was. And I had no idea that I didn’t have a favorite color. To say he was smug would be an understatement. I would get the occasional, “I know you better than you know yourself,” comment, with a grin, followed by the question, “What is your favorite color?”

So that began a quest. I began looking at the color of things around me: flowers, houses, clothes, hair, furniture, teacups, everything. Now, hair might not normally be a place to look for color, but these French women really go for the color. Forget trying to look natural. One of my favorites is the combination of blonde, red, orange, etc, that looks like fire. I have a teacup with yellow lemons and blue designs on it which I like a lot, but neither yellow nor blue made it. I couldn’t find anything striking enough, anything that really made me happy to see it.

And then I found it, while visiting the States, at J.C. Penney’s on a pair of clam diggers. They were plaid – orange and pink on white. They completely struck my fancy. I’d have bought a pair if they’d had them in my size. And then I began to see the combination in other places, not too many other places, ads here and there, in store windows occasionally, or a purse, but each and every time the combination made me smile.

So, now I have an answer: orange and pink are my favorite color, but only together.


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