The museful moon

8 January 2004 at 14:53 Leave a comment

We have a fabulous view of the moon as it rises.

It’s comes right out of the east, framed by our large windows, just as evening is falling. It begins to shine when it’s at the point where the pink glow of the sunset, reflected across the sky, meets the blue of the coming night. So beautiful. We are up on a bit of a hill, and at the moment that it really begins to glow, the moon is at eye-level. So I take a moment on clear days and smile gratefully into the face of the moon. The sky was particularly beautiful the yesterday when it was nearly full, and I was reluctant to see it pass into night.

It was full when we made the drive to Paris with all of our things (so very American of us, to rent a truck and do it ourselves). It glowed on our right the whole evening and night as we made the last few hundred miles. It was an extraordinary drive across France. We saw 3 rainbows and the largest flock of geese either of us had ever seen. There was one enormous, delicate main line that had a series of “V’s” coming out of it. It filled the sky. We didn’t think to try to count them, but I would put the number easily at 100. Maybe even 200.

Finally we were nearing Paris, and as we popped over a hill, there was the Eiffel Tower, lit up.

Wow, did that make an impression, I mean, it was one thing to plan for it, pack for, talk about it, but to see the Eiffel Tower, especially suddenly like that, it really struck home: “I live in PARIS.”


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