Soliloquy on the Metro

16 January 2004 at 16:15 Leave a comment

I have always loved the Metro. It is so easy to get around on – even on my very first visit to Paris, with my school-French and limited city-skills, we zoomed around untroubled, unimpeded. Then, as now, it gives us so much freedom.

Now I find that I am developing a deep, personal affection for it.

There are certain lines I prefer, certain lines I respect, certain lines that are beautiful or archaic or space-age or comfortable or glaring. But they are all always useful, necessary, interesting.

And then there are the people…

On New Year’s Eve there was a young man sitting across from me with poofy, coiffed light brown hair, a camel hair coat, a pair of those silly long-toed shoes that everyone seems to be wearing (they were laced in such a way that you couldn’t see how they were tied, very clever) and a ‘bag of tricks’. It was a ‘Fendi jeans’ bag and he kept pulling out the things in it, turning them over in his hands as if to make sure they were perfect, and then putting them back. He had two caps, one appeared to be a baseball cap and the other something also summery like that, a wrapped package, a small (5-8 inch) American flag that he took out, unfurled, and carefully re-wound around its stick/pole and a bottle of champagne that he sat and read the label on. He got really fussed when a guy got on next to him, inadvertently sitting on his coat.

The man sitting one seat over from Fendi-boy was also fascinating. He was tall, black, with a dark grey coat, light grey pants, grey silk socks and soft brown leather shoes. But what was striking about him were his scars that ran down his face like raindrops.

bb thought he looked wise, I thought he looked sad.

Maybe that’s the same thing.


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