People are their own worst…

25 March 2004 at 23:29 Leave a comment

Naomi Wolf is upsetting everyone again. Including me, so I’ve probably waited too long to blog this, but what really got me were the reactions of her fellow (I assume academic) women.

Are they willfully misunderstanding the fundamental issue here?

It’s not about sexuality or squeamishness but a lack of transparency in university disciplinary hearings.

Anne Applebaum
Zoe Heller
Meghan O’Rourke
Caroline Overington
Camille Paglia
Margaret Wente
Zoe Williams

I lost a lot of respect for these establishment-apologists.

Very frustrating, but in the end, very boring. They’re going to make sure nothing changes for the better, for women or men students.

Keep giving women those degrees, boys, they’ll take the front line for you. No Spartan mothers these. They’ll grab your spear and do the fighting for you.


Entry filed under: misanthropy.

St. Padraic’s Day le printemps

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