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Went to the Crosby, Stills and Nash concert last night at the MEN arena.


LOVED Stills’ Ole Man Trouble.

And they all made it look so easy.

Crosby looked like a fat old fart up there, all baggy clothes and a baseball cap, hiking up his khaki pants, having to reach way out to get his arm onto the neck of his guitar what with it resting on his substantial belly.

Nash was barefooted, still in good shape, his silver hair well-coiffed, in subdued colors, sleek.

Stills had a bright, blousy silk shirt, and in many ways he seemed the most alive/lively of the three. He loved it when the crowd was at the stage and frequently went up to play to them, shake their hands, etc.

They all seemed to be having a good time – and their band was excellent as well, frequently impressive.

The only trouble was the staid and comfortably seated audience.

Things didn’t get warmed up until after intermission (and the requisite second round of beers were purchased) when two women went up and started dancing in front of the stage (though, politely, to the side so as not to block anyone’s view). I’d seen them flailing in their chairs in about row 4, but when they played Love the One You’re with they just couldn’t contain themselves anymore. When no one hauled them off, a couple guys ran up to the other side and pretty soon a lot of people were hurrying up to the stage, including an old couple that bb laughed about, “Come on, Mother, we’re rushing the stage!”

The yellow-jacketed security guys started stopping anymore people from approaching until Crosby hollered out, “Let them through! They’re not going to hurt us!” Which met with a lot of cheers. They all backed off except one guy until Crosby insisted, “You, bald guy in the yellow jacket, LET THEM THROUGH.”

Everything got much more lively at that point, and although Stills had killed his voice on Ole Man River, they were great. Really personable, entertaining, their new stuff as interested as their original hits. I was surprised how they seemed to have kept their optimism about the world and people in it. It was really refreshing, especially since I don’t share it.

bb was so amazed to get to see them play – he never thought he’d ever get to see Stills play guitar in person. And it was neat to be there for Nash’s homecoming – he’s from Salford originally, and The Oasis, the club where the Hollies first played, was 200 metres from the arena.

My favorite bit was the third and final encore – Teach Your Children. They finally got the crowd to join in – especially gratifying as it’s my favorite CSN song, by far. Fantastic. It was sad that it was time to go just when the crowd had finally gotten into it.


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