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history as art

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La Petite ceinture

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Poetry of light

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Reyes Basoalto

Pablo Neruda has not usually entered my sensibilities.  He’s a rather selfish poet (aren’t we all?).  But…

La Rama Robada/The Stolen Branch

though the translation I read was not ideal, the Spanish truly is.

A perfect poem.  Amidst all the stomping strutting of  The Captain’s Verses.

En la noche entraremos

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Art and meaning

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Bellows at the Joslyn

His portraits are brilliant, although the subjects always look terse, annoyed, judging.

I thought it was apropos then that most of his numerous self portraits he seems worried or anxious.

An amazing technician, but he really shouldn’t have listened to his agent: he should have stuck with portraiture.

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