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What a winter


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Declension of Cookie


Just ask my son.

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Someone needs to explain to my 2 year old son D’ug that having to carry around at all times a teddy bear larger than he is and a jaguar half his size make it impossible to really get away when, say, you need a new fluffy.

But they do appear to be a great alternative to blankets if you, for example, hate and refuse all forms of blanket.

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The Widget is a Doodlebug,
also known as D’ug.

And if you’re in Baltimore,
it’s how you say ‘dog’.

D’ug is short for Doodlebug,

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You can’t expect to read much here: the Widget was born a few days ago, and I am bloated up like an eggplant.

Hasta la pasta…

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What I’ve been reading:

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