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International Herald Tribune.

I read the International Herald Tribune while I lived abroad and continued reading it online once I was back in the States. Then the Times bought it and it became more and more irrelevant (adding more and more limited access Times stories to their front page) until I realized I just wasn’t reading it anymore and removed the shortcut from my bookmarks.

I am sorry to hear that it is gone, but it has been gone a good long while already.


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People’s library

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Can’t get no…

“An intellectual as satisfied with the world as with himself would simply not be an intellectual.”

-Crane Brinton, Anatomy of Revolution, 1952, pg. 45.

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yes, of course

“In my experience, to get the top as a referee or a coach you have to be better than the men to get the qualifications. Rather than thinking she’s poor because she is a women, they should realise that she is pretty damn good.”

Wendy Owen, former player and Coach

“For men and women in leadership positions usually occupied by the other gender, a single mistake is seen as evidence of incompetence.”

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and the difference is…

Copyright infringement.

Not copyright infringement.

Looks like the difference is money and interest in pursuing restitution.

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no matter what the object of curiosity, sleuthing is always fascinating to me:

One of the issues around the patent is that it’s currently held by a shell company, owned by another shell company, and all anyone knows is who the lawyers are, rather than who actually controls the patent. This is all too common in cases of patent trolling, where a series of shell companies are set up to obfuscate who really holds the patent.

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Funny, but it sounds like yet again a perfectly good movie is getting panned by the critics because they are identifying with the unpleasant male antagonist rather than the female protagonist.

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