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Overheard XXVI

Someone waving and yelling off their porch at someone pulling away in their car:

“Next week is Sloppy Joes!…  After swimming?  Probably after swimming!”


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Overheard XXV

Late night wrong number texting:

Are u an albert back together

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Overheard XXIV

A guy home from college for Thanksgiving is getting ready to mow the yard.

His parents pull into the driveway and before going into the house stop and chat (I can’t hear what they say).

He says sharply and loudly, “Do you want me to cook?  Or do this,” he asked, pointing at the lawnmower, “make up your mind.”


The lawnmower starts.

Welcome home!

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Overheard XXIII

Two women engaging in dessert shop philosophy:

“She’s so screwed up about who she is and what she is…”  She hesitates, “I don’t mean…”

“I know,” her friend says comfortably, “we all struggle with who we are.”

Obviously it’s just the chocolate talking…

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Overheard XXII

D’ug and I are on our morning walk, having just passed the junior high.

A brown haired stocky girl and a blonde haired cute girl approach along the sidewalk.

The cute blonde says, “He left,” raises her left hand to her left cheek and pats it twice as she says, “tear, tear”.

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Overheard XXI

Is it because it’s Spring?

3AM last night, again on the street outside our house:

This time a tipsy sounding girl was the only one I heard:

“Your ex-girlfriend sets off a false alarm so the police come because she wants to see you and I’m the crazy one?”


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Overheard XX

Midnight last night outside our window (people do live around here you know):

Guy and girl. She sounds tipsy and cranky. He’s either fine or handling it better.

First thing I hear is the guy:

“Oh. So this is what you mean by one of your temper tantrums.”

Sigh. Thanks, buddy. Your little bit of insensitivity and all of us are in for half an hour of ranting. He got so tired listening to it (after he’d given up trying to shush her and convince her to leave) that he sat down on someone’s steps.

“You [murmur murmur murmur] and I [murmur murmur] and that makes me the asshole!” And she stops her foot (sounded like a wooden heel).

The “and that makes me the asshole” was a refrain repeated at the end of most sentences thereafter.

Yes, I guess it does.

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