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The blog is dead, long live the blog.

“I am not generally a bomb-thrower, but I wrote this piece in a deliberately provocative way. Blogs obviously aren’t dead and I acknowledged that much right from the title. I (obviously) think there’s a lot of value in the blog format, even apart from its massive influence on online media in general, but as someone who’s been doing it since 1998 and still does it every day, it’s difficult to ignore the blog’s diminished place in our informational diet.
“Through various blogrolls (remember those?) and RSS readers, I used to keep up with hundreds of blogs every day and over a thousand every week. Now I read just two blogs daily…”

Jason Kottke

I tried to use a blogroll on a site I read regularly and many of the links were dead (and they have gone unnoticed, unremoved). I noticed when another blog I read removed their blogroll that I regularly used, but that site can no longer really be called a blog, though it still has one as a component.

And as I looked up something online today that I knew very little about I found only one helpful source: wikipedia.

There was a time that you would find 5-10 sites of varying reliability and quality, but there was variety.

The internet is shrinking.


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“I couldn’t finish this…

…But you’ll probably like it”.

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International Herald Tribune.

I read the International Herald Tribune while I lived abroad and continued reading it online once I was back in the States. Then the Times bought it and it became more and more irrelevant (adding more and more limited access Times stories to their front page) until I realized I just wasn’t reading it anymore and removed the shortcut from my bookmarks.

I am sorry to hear that it is gone, but it has been gone a good long while already.

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Eschew surplusage.

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artsy writing

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seems like more…

people doing for free what used to be a paid position.

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wrong literature

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  • Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1988). 5 years ago
  • Stephanie Kallos, Broken for You (New York: Grove Press, 2004). 6 years ago
  • Marsilio Ficino, Letters of Marsilio Ficino, v. 2, trans. Language Dept. School of Economic Science, London (New York: Gingko Press, 1985) 6 years ago

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